Waterer Supplies

Tire Tanks

  • 5′ Tire
  • 6′ Tire
  • 7′ Tire
  • 8′ Tire

Tire tanks make for an innovative solution for efficient water management in cattle farming. Repurposed tires ensure a reliable and sustainable water source for livestock. Capable of withstanding environmental challenges, they provide ranchers a cost-effective way to enhance water accessibility while minimizing environmental impact. Elevate your cattle operation with a reliable, eco-friendly choice that’s both USDA-approved and built to last.

Water Supply Accessories


1 1/4″ HDPE Pipe (500′-5000′ Reels)

Watson Pan Float

Watson Tube Float

Jobe Megaflow Float Valves

Philmac Pipe Fittings

And More!


Water is essential to life and getting water to its destination is just as important. Using a float valve with water pipe in your water tank helps to automate your watering system and aids in water conservation.

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